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Inselkofferraum provisional terms and conditions

1. General:

Inselkofferraum is a one-person company or Spanish GmbH company. The final form has not yet been established. Until then, the owner is liable.

2. Purpose:

The company serves the storage of luggage for vacationers on Gran Canaria. The personal belongings, which the customer leaves to us until his arrival or termination of the contract, are kept safe by us.

3. Process:

When the personal belongings are given, a storage period of 6 or 12 months is concluded. The retention period can be extended by transfer or cash of the respective amount at any time. In order to deliver the luggage in time and to the customers satisfaction to the accommodation, the time of arrival and the location must be given. Delivery takes place on that day.

Inselkofferraum will do its best to arrive at the accommodation around the same time as the customer. The transfer should take place in person. If it is possible to put down the luggage in advance (max. 6 hrs.), we require information about the contact person.

The pick-up takes place on the day of departure in the accommodation. This should be done personally but can also be collected in agreement with the operator of the accommodation.

The luggage can also be picked up at the office of Inselkofferraum.

The payment is made in advance by transfer or cash at handover. Card payment will be made possible soon. The luggage is handed over exclusively to the owner. For this purpose, the ID-card or a photo ID for comparison, which is made by Inselkofferraum, is necessary.

Luggage is stored for up to one year. A luggage unit should not weight more than 25kg or 100L. The price defined in the contract is composed of the number of luggage, the storage time of the luggage, services such as cleaning and, possibly an insurance package.

We intend to store the luggage at a moderate temperature, dry and we ensure adequate ventilation. The storage location is regularly cleaned of dust and dirt. Precaution against vermin is taken, which is also environmentally friendly and does not cause damage to the environment or to the luggage.

In the event that the customer's luggage storage is terminated prematurely, the customer bears the costs for shipping. Services paid in advance can be calculated here.

If baggage units are not picked up after expiry of the term of the contract, they remain in custody pending settlement of outstanding amounts agreed in the contract. 12 months after the end of the contract period without cost cover, the luggage then becomes property of the Inselkofferraum. In the event of a closure of Inselkofferraum, Inselkofferraum will bear the cost of sending the luggage to the customer.

Clothes that are washed must be separately packed. The laundry fee is per baggage unit, only clothes washed by machine, which may be washed at 30-95 degrees. Clothes which require special or chemical cleaning must be paid extra. Liability is then the responsibility of the cleaning company. Clothes washed by machine are separated by temperature and color and washed according to the label.

Es ist angestrebt Antiallergiewaschmittel zu verwenden trotzdem ist im Fall von Allergie und Unverträglichkeit vor dem Waschen aufmerksam zu machen oder besondere Wünsche im voraus mitzuteilen.

We strive to use anti-allergy detergents. However, in case of allergy or intolerance before washing, please address special wishes in advance. Special luggage such as a bike, surfboard or diving equipment are stored separately and insured. Also, here, an extra insurance package can be incurred.

4. Safety:

For each customer, there is a file with the full address and delivery address, if the baggage has to be returned. Furthermore, a photograph or the identity card number of the owner is required to ensure a safe transfer. A copy of the baggage list, if possible, is attached to the file.

An insurance is taken which insures the luggage against theft, fire or damage. After such a case, the customer will be informed immediately. In case of full loss without contents, a fixed amount between 200 and 500 € will be paid. If there is evidence that the luggage contained items of more value, the corresponding value at time will be paid.

For that, an additional fixed insurance rate may be charged. The baggage is kept inaccessible for unauthorized persons. The storage place is protected against burglary and additionally equipped with an alarm system. Authorized persons are exclusively the company owner and personnel employed at Inselkofferraum. Authorized personnel have the right, at any time, to open suitcases and to search for dangerous or illegal objects.

Maintaining privacy is a top priority.

Inselkofferraum has the right to allow authorities concerned to inspect the luggage on the basis of legal requirements. Items of value must be indicated and, if desired, stored separately in a permanently installed safe. No illegal objects (drugs, artefacts, stolen goods, etc.) or money are allowed to be stored in the luggage.

5. Renting:

Items rented from Inselkofferraum for a certain period of time are paid in advance, including a security deposit equal to the value of the property, which can be deducted proportionally or completely in case of damages due to improper handling or loss.

6. Data:

Personal data will not be passed to third parties.

7. Exceptions:

An order to clarify one or more criminal offenses based on a Spanish legal form. The provisional general terms and conditions are further processed and adjusted until the final opening of the operation. In particular, insurance matters depend on the insurance company and its policies. The legal provisions of Spain and the Island of Gran Canaria apply.